For the last four years my classes have been participating in eTwinning projects and also been awarded the Quality Labels

etwinning quality label kids around the world

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 20.00.36

Quality Label 2014-15  

You must be asking – What’s eTwinning?

eTwinning is a framework for schools to collaborate on the Internet with partner schools in other European countries. The project aims to encourage European schools to collaborate using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

At the click of a mouse, pupils and teachers can work with their counterparts in other countries and learn about any subject or topic with and from each other.

The main aim behind these kind of projects is to create very rich and authentic learning situations for the children. They contribute in an increase to the students’ motivation, improves their communication and team-work skills and help them to develop cultural awareness and tolerance. We believe that there are more opportunities for the children to learn than just within the classroom.

Ms Claudine1


2 thoughts on “eTwinning

  1. Hi, PARROTS 😉 We are the Polish team and we are happy to work on the project with you. Our teacher who visited Malta in August told us a lot about your beatiful country. We are 3 and 4 graders (9-10 year olds) and we live in Czestochowa.
    Greetings from Poland

  2. Hi polish team,I come from Malta and my name is Kelsey and i am an 8 year old girl. 😀

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