Our First Outing – Malta Book Festival

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Outing – Maths Trail at Siġġiewi

Maths is all around us such as when going shopping, when following a recipe and so on.

In order to learn more about how such a subject can be part and parcel of our lives, our teachers took us out for a Maths trail. We went on this adventure together with the other Year 4 classes. You might be asking, “What is a Maths trail?” A Maths trail is a walk to discover Mathematics. It encourages us to look out for Mathematics in our environment and it helps us appreciate the relationship between Mathematics and nature.

We left for our Maths trail on Tuesday, 1st March, 2016. Before leaving school, the teacher divided us into groups of four children. We were given our Maths trail booklets and filled in the front page with our names, date and the weather of the day. We were lucky because it was a fine day. At half past ten, we headed off for our Maths trail. With us, we took a clip file together with the Maths trail booklet and a pen.

Our first destination was the Siġġiewi village square. The first set of activities were all related to the façade of the church.

Basically, we had to:

  • Record the time we started the activity from the clock of the church.
  • Identify and count shapes from the façade.
  • Count the width of the main and side doors using footsteps.
  • Count the width of one of the columns of the church. Here we used a piece of string and placed it around the column. Afterwards, we put the string on the floor and measured it.
  • We also measured the time taken by each child to walk from one side of the church to another using a stopwatch. We took the time taken by each member of our group.
  • Afterwards, we looked at one of the windows above the side door. This activity involved fractions. Finally, we recorded the time from the clock of the church and calculated the time we spent on   all the activities.

Then, we headed off to the playground  where we recorded the number and types of vehicles that passed in the main road during a ten-minute interval. Using the data gathered we built two bar graphs.

Our last stop was the monument of Professor Nikola Zammit where we calculated how old he was when he died as well as the number of years that have passed since the monument was placed there.

Now, we’re going to show you a small video clip depicting our adventure during the Maths trail. We hope that you like it.

Ms Claudine

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Fieldwork Madwar il-Belt jew Raħal Fejn Noqgħod

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Outing ~ St Paul’s Catacombs in Rabat + ‘Train Ride’ around Rabat & Mtarfa 2015

Last Tuesday, our Year 4 pupils went on their second exciting outing. We went for a journey on the ‘Train Ride’ around Rabat and Mtarfa. It was all very informative and fun at the same time. All the students enjoyed this educational trip.

Ms Claudine

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