Digital Literacy

The use of Pro-Bot

Last week Year 4 pupils had 2 lessons in which they used Pro-Bot. Pro-Bot offers students an enticing, engaging, and hands-on experience with Logo programming as well as robotic controls. Pro-Bot commands are entered via a set of arrow and number keys mounted on the back. Pro-Bot can hold a felt-tip pen in the built-in mechanism in the centre, allowing it to draw as it moves. Pupils worked in groups and were given a set of tasks to complete. They planned a route for Pro-Bot and pressed the corresponding keypad commands, pressed the GO button and sent Pro-Bot on its way! Pro-Bot followed the sequence of commands that were entered step by step. The tasks that were given were linked with the following Maths topics: length, angles and shapes. By the end of these sessions students were able to programme Pro-Bot to draw squares and rectangles.

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Be Smart Online

On Tuesday, Mr Raymond Bonnici, from the elearning centre spoke to my childen about e-safety. This topic is very important as technology is becoming an integral part of children’s lives and so they are excited and motivated by it. They enjoyed the session a lot as Mr Bonnici shared my pupils’ enthusiasm and talked to them about what they are doing online. They also spoke about what their favourite devices are and how they are using them. The talk was age appropriate, simple and understandable.

Here’s a STORY which you can read with your kids at home and below videos for the kids to watch too.

Ms Claudine

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Hour of Code

Last Friday our class took part in the Hour of Code Activity.

The children enjoyed it a lot.

Ms Claudine

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Using our eTwinning twinspace

Dear parents,

yesterday I introduced our eTwinning project to the children and told them what a TwinSpace entails. I also showed them how to make good use to it. The children enjoyed it a lot and are really looking forward to log in and start using it.

Through the twinspace the children can can meet the pupils from the other schools involved in our project. They can post information about themselves and get to know each other better as well as share their opinions while working on the project.

It is also safe since access to the TwinSpace is protected by a password and accessible only to people invited by the project administrators i.e. myself). This means that the children can work in a safe environment without the risk of meeting unknown persons or harmful content.

I have already provided the children with their usernames and passwords should they wish to login in their free time to browse through the work that has been uploaded since the beginning of this scholastic year. I encourage them to start posting and uploading under my guidance first but should they wish to try something out I won’t discourage  that so in that case go ahead!

To log in either click on the picture below or by clicking on the link provided in our iLearn room. Our project is called Little Picture Artists.

Have a nice weekend. 🙂

Ms Claudine

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