About Our Blog

Our classroom blog is the place to check out what’s happening in Ms Claudine’s class at St. Ignatius College, Siġġiewi Primary.

Why have a classroom blog?

In class I get to witness some pretty exciting moments with the children. I used to assume they bring these moments home to you but I’m a parent too and I know that when asked about what they’ve done in class mostly respond with “I forgot” or “I don’t know” or “Nothing!”

Jump start your conversations about school, right here.

If you ask your child what he did in school today, you may not get many answers, but you can arm yourself with information and be prepared. If you already know some of what’s happening in class, you can easily start a conversation with comments about what you already know.

This is the main aim behind the blog … to keep you up to date with what’s going on at our school and in class. So….if you want to learn about us and what we’re doing, this is the place to do it!

One of the many benefits of having a class blog is the strengthening of home-school relationships.

A class blog can provide a virtual window into the classroom. It is also extremely useful for teacher-parent communication and it show-cases your child’s learning. After having a class blog for these last three years I have got the message loud and clear that parents and families love being able to keep up with the classroom events and student learning. So I’m sure you’ll consider it as a positive experience!

Through commenting,  families can be a part of what is happening in our classroom and have real time access to their child’s education. The blog also offers an opportunity to have authentic audience for the children’s writings far beyond the walls of our classroom.

Some benefits of blogging in the classroom are mentioned in the video below.

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