eTwinning visit ~ using the twinspace

Dear parents,

today Ms Amanda Debattista and Ms Jacqueline Frendo from eTwinning visited us to tell the children about what a TwinSpace entails as well as teach them how to make good use to it. The children enjoyed it a lot and are really looking forward to log in and start using it.

Through the twinspace the children can can meet the pupils from the other schools involved in our project. They can post information about themselves and get to know each other better as well as share their opinions while working on the project.

It is also safe since access to the TwinSpace is protected by a password and accessible only to people invited by the project administrators i.e. myself). This means that the children can work in a safe environment without the risk of meeting unknown persons or harmful content.

I have already provided the children with their usernames and passwords should they wish to login in their free time to browse through the work that has been uploaded since the beginning of this scholastic year. I encourage them to start posting and uploading under my guidance first but should they wish to try something out I won’t discourage  that so in that case go ahead!

To log in either click on the picture below or by hovering over the page of our blog  named eTwinning and then clicking on the page named We Learn For Life or through iLearn.

Have a nice weekend. 🙂

Ms Claudine

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4 thoughts on “eTwinning visit ~ using the twinspace

  1. Felicienne's mother

    Dear Ms Claudine,
    It is really a good idea so that the children get to know other children through e Twinning. I wish to thank you also for the photos so that we parents can know what you do during the day at school.

    Josette Cutajar.

  2. josianne borg

    Dear Ms Claudin,
    Vera proset ta dan il progett Haydon joghgbu hafna

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