Homework + Notices 23rd September 2013

Dear parrots and parents, welcome to YEAR 4!

– Please make sure that all books are covered and labelled.

– You need € 5.50 to pay for the textbooks you will be needing for this scholastic year as explained below:

Malti Manija 4 – Grammatika u Ortografija + Malti Manija 4  Komprensjoni

Photocopies – €5.00

Total: €10.50

More textbooks will be given to you later on this week.

– School Diary – €3.00 (Only those who didn’t bring the money yet.)


– Maths: See copybook

– Religion: Aqra Lezzjoni 1

– English: Write or type 5 sentences about PARROTS on an A4 sized sheet  (include a picture).

– Cut the templates for the parrot craft and return to school (by Wednesday).

– Get a plant + bottom plate to decorate our window sill.


Ms Claudine

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2 thoughts on “Homework + Notices 23rd September 2013

  1. Josette (Felicienne's mother)

    Dear Ms Claudine & Ms Amanda,
    It’s a great pleasure to have Felicienne again in your class. I hope she does well again this year. Keep up the good work!

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