eTwinning Newsletter

Below you should find our eTwinning newspaper, edited and produced by us Year 4 children of Ms Claudine’s class at St. Ignatius College, Siggiewi Primary. We came up with this idea of creating this newspaper since presently we’re  participating in an eTwinning project called Kids Around the World Let’s Celebrate! and wish to share our great experiences with all the readers of our class blog. It’s also a small remembrance of the eTwinning related activities we’ve done in the project throughout this scholastic year 2012/2013. We hope you like it as much as we liked planning and doing it. A video including all the photos taken during our special assembly will be uploaded soon.

Our project is also currently being featured on the eTwinning blog as the project of the month. For more information click here. We also prepared a word cloud which can be accessed further down below.

Special thanks go to:

  •   Our head of school, Mr Patrick Decelis and the rest of the administration team for supporting our project since the very beginning;

  •   Our eTwinning NSS, Amanda Debattista and Jacqueline Frendo, for the ongoing  guidance and support – online as well as in class;

  •  All  the parents whom have assisted whilst we photographed, researched and uploaded material related to our project.

front newsletter

eTwinning word cloud

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