Mental Maths assessed using Class Voting System

Dear parents,

last Thursday, the children together with us teachers, worked out a Maths Mental Test in a way which we all loved doing – we gave our answers using voting keypads. Mr Grima, our elearning support teacher, presented a set of questions using Ms Powerpoint and explained how the voting should proceed. Our attention increased, our smiles grew and our heads rose with every vote we placed. We did speed scoring – a way to attribute points to children for quickly answering questions correctly. The kids could also see on the screen the Top 10 leader board and racing cars with their names on. The children were very motivated to get their name up there.

The Mental Test Papers were sent out for you to sign last Friday.

We’re all looking forward to work out another test using this technological tool.


Ms Claudine

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  1. Dear ms claudine may I kindly ask you to tell jayde that tennis lesson is at noon just after school? Thank you Joann Mifsud

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