Science Lesson – Electricity – Circuit

Last Monday, the children had a Science lesson about electricity with Ms Olivari Saliba. The lesson was about conductors and insulators of electricity. Certain materials allow electricity to travel through them (all metals) and these are called electrical conductors. Other materials do not allow electricity to travel through them (fabric, paper, plastic, wood, glass, stone to name a few) and these are insulators. In class we used an energy ball (which looks like a simple ping pong ball) which contains a battery, an LED bulb and a buzzer. The ball also has two electrodes. This ball lights up when a circuit is formed to connect the two electrodes. We formed a human circuit by joining hands and touching the electrodes. Electricity travelled round the human circuit and the ball lit up. We tested various materials in this human circuit to check whether electricity passes through them. Hence the children learnt that some materials conduct electricity while others do not.

Ms Claudine

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