The Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs launched on the 25th February 2011, the Catch the Drop Campaign to raise awareness that saving water is a concern for us all and to show that one’s behaviour may be adapted to achieve responsible and sustainable usage. Each one of us can be instrumental to help conserve such an indispensable resource.

This week our school shall focus more on supporting the above campaign. As a continuation of last week’s discussion about the Water Cycle, today in class we discussed the importance of water and water conservation practices to prevent wastage. I explained the use of slogans and the children were shown several slogans to advertise this specific topic. All we need now is to add pictures to these slogans, for us to decorate at school to raise more awareness on how to use water wisely. I told the children to write the given slogan as big and dark as possible on the provided A4 paper and to draw and colour pictures around the slogan accordingly. Examples of drawings can be found below. I encourage you to discuss what to draw beforehand so as to plan the drawing. Try to be as creative as possible. I shall be really looking forward to see your drawings. We need the drawings by tomorrow. 😀

On Wednesday, representatives of the schools that participated in this year’s project and other speakers are invited at our school to talk to the children about this campaign. More details will be given later on this week.

You can also find more information about the CATCH THE DROP CAMPAIGN below as well as a good site for the kids to enjoy reading and playing a game about how to use water wisely. Enjoy! 😉


Ms Claudine





Click to access more info and play games. 🙂

Click to access more information on this campaign.

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