Welcome to our classroom blog! :)

Our classroom blog is the place to check out what’s happening in

Ms Claudine’s class at St. Ignatius College, Siggiewi Primary.

Here we are at the doorstep of Year 4. While I welcome you to this new journey together, it is with great enthusiasm and joy that I tell you that so much is in store for us this year…..both academically and emotionally……BUT……if we believe in each and every child…….in each one of you dear children……TOGETHER WE CAN accomplish a lot and overcome any obstacle!

So let’s work together as one happy family and make this scholastic year a one to remember!

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8 thoughts on “Welcome to our classroom blog! :)

  1. Felicienne's mother

    Dear Ms Claudine,
    It’s a pleasure for me to have Felicienne as well in your class. I hope she does well as well this year. Thanks and keep it up!

  2. josianne borg

    Dear Ms Claudine,
    Iam glad for this year that Haydon is in your class. We will do our best and thank you for teaching him

  3. rita

    jiena rita omm shyann lewwel darba li ghandi tfal ghandek. shyann qedha ghal qalba ghandek grazzi taghlhi taghmel mil l-ahjar li tista biex tara tfal jirnexu.

  4. rose marie

    hi ms claudine,
    well done!!! for this work of art….. full update on our kids and all the activities ….besides full academic prepartion.

    once again … well done!!!

    • Dear Ms Ellul Phillips,
      it’s my pleasure……I believe that it’s of great importance that parents/guardians are kept up to date of what goes on in class. Thanks for the compliment and appreciation. Ms Claudine

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